• *me watching Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of the ring*
  • Me: It's that part in the movie when Borimir says "One does not simply walk into mordor"
  • Me: So fucking funny. And Legolas is awesome too
  • Cliff: blonde, silky smooth.
  • Cliff: Good job Scrappy CoCo. I knew you did his hair
  • Me: Ahahahaha Legolas had nice hair before Thor made it cool.
  • Me: So hipster omg
  • Cliff: I have an issue with Frodo.
  • Cliff: I mean of all names to name a character, why Frodo??
  • Cliff: Aren't there better magical names?
  • Me: Borimir and Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli
  • Me: So fucking badass.
  • Cliff: My point exactly.
  • Cliff: and instead of a hobbit as a main character, why not a soldier or archer?
  • Me; Well I don't effing know, why don't you ask JJR Tolkein? lol
  • Cliff: hahahahah hobbits just get in the way of the wars. let the big boys do their fucking job
  • and stay out of the fucking way, small guys.
  • Cliff: Literally small, hahaha
  • Me: Reminds me of a certain spanish benchwarmer that is better off allowing the big boys play the game.
  • Cliff: They should have named the hobbit TORRES
  • Cliff: Holy shit, eye opener.
  • Cliff: ...
  • Cliff: I am enlightened.
  • Me: You've reached Nirvana
  • Cliff: yeah! I'm in a peaceful state because of that revelation
  • Me: Cue the heavenly chorus
  • Me: Torres the hobbit
  • Me: Oh em gee.
  • Me: I am puking rainbows.
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